Marc, The Teacher


I’m Marc and this is my blog for all things education and classroom based. I am a teacher of 5 years, specifically KS1 and have recently embarked on leadership of KS1. Join me as a blog about the educational world including ideas, shared practice and a good story or two.

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Marc, a brief insight

So a little insight into my “before teacher” life.

From aged 15 on work experience I knew that Teaching was to be my career path but it wasn’t always easy getting there.

In the lead up to this career I have dabbled in many little jobs from managing a shop to being a student rep and even (on occasion ) carpet fitting. I studied at Edge Hill University near Liverpool, UK and was lucky to find a job at my placement school. They really helped me to develop and hone in on skills that were important to me.


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Marc, the contact details

Here, you can get into contact with me with your own stories and ideas that you perhaps would like to share. Don’t be a stranger, let’s open up some doors!